Startups and Entrepreneurs of the Program



Fourdeg, smart-energy solutions

Fourdeg offers an energy saving and indoor temperature comfort improving subscription for buildings with water radiator heating. Fourdeg solution works with all new or already installed water radiators and piping. Technically Fourdeg solution consists of a smart radiator thermostat which is wirelessly connected to Fourdeg cloud server. The server software assist the thermostat to adapt to the local heating need, correlates the parallel thermostats, manages the saving algorithms schleduling for the full building, ensures that all parts of the building are in the desired temperature. The solution also saves costs in the water heating radiator system maintenance by locating device which may need some maintenance actions. Fourdeg made early big steps after the Stockholm camp and is now part of Fortum’s Corporate Venturing Programme and Nordic Cleantech Open Top 25


HofficeHoffice, free co-working places

Hoffice is on a mission is to facilitate the emergence of amazing coworking spaces that are free of cost. They can be free of cost as Hoffice uses peoples homes as workplaces and they become amazing by applying an ever unfolding methodology for how to use the collective as a resource in their individual projects. At Hoffice people from diverse backgrounds and different life situations meet and give each other support in finding and pursuing their dreams and passions. On top of cocreating support structures for pursuing ones projects in a more efficient manner they also provide training and workshops that are normally out of reach for boot strapped start-ups and renegade change makers. Hoffice has already spread to Finland, Sweden, Taiwan and Canada. Its been featured worldwide in the Atlantic, SpringwiseInside and Fast Co.Exist among others



PiggyBaggy, crowd-sourced delivery service

With PiggyBaggy service people can deliver goods to each other along their way and get paid for it. We provide more affordable home deliveries with a fully trusted solution. Together we save time, money and the environment. PiggyBaggy got funded from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.




Näyttökuva 2015-02-13 kello 11.58.38Greenely, mobile application that visualizes and analyses households’ energy consumption

Greenely is creating a new way of visualizing households’ energy consumption using research based algorithms that come to life in a mobile application. We are doing it using no hardware whatsoever – it’s purely a software solution. We present households’ consumption through their own personalized living energy tree. Greenely is looking to announce “something big” in 2015.


mg logo sini-valko_neliö

 MoralGuard, connects consumer attitudes to sustainability and wellbeing with their actual behaviour

Our analytics help consumers and businesses make personal and commercial decisions for maximum value and overall wellbeing. Businesses can measure responsibility issues’ impact on revenue, and leverage new profitable consumer trends in product development and marketing.



newsletter_header IAgree (now: Represent) a simple engaging app which helps people have their say on things that matter to them locally, regionally, and globally

Would you like more cycle lanes near where you live? Is litter a problem? Would you like to join a football team? We ask quick, easy questions about your values. You answer on a Likert scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree, and we immediately share anonymised results with users so they can see who thinks what, where – and see how they compare: demographically, geographically, to friends, to elected representatives, and even to businesses. Represents has run test rounds with hundreds of users.




 Meido, digital housing tool and social living network for housing companies

Meido is for homes, housing companies, property managers and local services. It’s a freemium online tool and a private social network for everyone who has a home. You have all the important documents, house drawings and a communication center together with a plan room and document management cloud.




Remarket, curated online marketplace for second-hand clothing

Remarket redefines fashion consumption by making secondhand an attractive option to buying new. The curated selection ensures quality and style. Showcasing your wardrobe, stories and following other users makes shopping social and inspiring, and the international community makes discovering items and people interesting. Remarket has opened the service and is looking for users both 2nd hand retail shops and individuals.



kvalitidlogoKvalitid, hyperlocal domestic services for residential buildings

Kvalitid offer dwellers easy, constant accessible help with basic domestic chores such as garbage retrieval, dog walking, etc. by providing doers (preferably youths without prior experiences) via a sharing economy style booking system where local groups of dwellers are matched with doers.


City Car Club, car-sharing services

City Car Club offers its customers the most flexible car sharing service possible. Our customers can book any cars to any of our locations, cars being delivered for them if needed by our staff. Our aim is to enhance the lives of metropolitan people by offering an easy, alternative way of moving to complement already excellent public transport. We believe in a greener, friendlier and less car cluttered urban space.



Ekern & Gamla Enskede Lådcyklar AB, Cargo bike fleets

We offer mixed prime brand cargo bike fleets with vehicles adopted to local geography, traffic situation and user needs. The package also includes service contracts, a bike booking app (2014) and, most importantly, transferring our R&D and experience based planning know-how, protecting customers from the most common and expensive pit-falls.




Yhteismaa, participatory city culture, co-creation and social movements

Yhteismaa is a non-profit organization specialized in new participatory city culture, co-creation and social movements. They plan and implement projects, events and services with a social meaning and create tools through which we all can fulfill our potential and affect the world around us. Notable projects include Cleaning Day, Parking Day and Nifty Neighbor.





 Nurmi Clothing, sustainable clothing

Nurmi creates clothes and accessories where the nordic tradition of minimalism and long-lasting design goes hand in hand with true sustainability. The straightforward yet functional design of Nurmi garments form the cornerstones of a wardrobe.

The key factors for Nurmi are sustainability and openness. All products are ecological and ethical throughout the whole lifecycle and the whole production process is transparent. After Stockholm, Nurmi opened a Clothing library, where people borrow clothes paying a monthly fee. Nurmi Clothing Library is a the world’s first clothing library opened by a clothing brand itself.



Local service companies at Lahti and Stockholm Innovation Camps


Urban Fruit Initiative, hyper-local produce made from surplus fruit

We are a social enterprise addressing a sustainability challenge using a collaborative consumption model. We help villa owners with too much fruit (apples) in their garden connect with apartment-dwellers who want to pick fruit. From the surplus we make and sell a unique, hyper-local apple juice.



Benjamin Maatilatori, chain of countryside shops selling local farm produce

We have meat from 600-700 happy pigs and farm products from 120 local farms and entrepreneurs that we sell in 3 shops in Kausala, Heinola and Lahti. We have also just taken over a restaurant in Heinola where we serve meals made from the same raw materials from our farming suppliers. The first 2 shops opened during the last 20 years are countryside outposts and we have now developed a new concept with the 3rd shop by opening in Citycon’s busy shopping center “Trio” in the center of the city of Lahti.


ImpactAgency, a collaborative platform for supporting lifelong learning and improving entrepreneurship

We enable and create new entrepreneurship and urban development locally+globally beyond limits. We will combine teampreneurship, local enterprises and active members of community in all age groups. The idea includes a collaboration platform that continuously evolves by need and open source.


MeaManna, organic food with people who have learning difficulties

We are first organic cafeteria in Lahti including bakery. Most of the workers are people who need daily support in life and work. They are not working for a salary. Cafeteria is more a place where we try to change peoples attitudes to become more open to differences of people. Cafeteria is also a torch carrier for organic and biodynamic food in Lahti. In the Cafeteria there has been a changing art exhibition since the beginning for local artists.


Puoti, lifestyle store selling eco fashion for women, men and kids, vintage clothing, Finnish design and flowers

Puoti is a local lifestyle store in Lahti that sells local design and fashion, and some hand picked vintage garments and flowers. Most of the products are designed in Finland and many of them also manufactured in Finland. We are the only retailer for these goods in Lahti. We have our own kids’ clothes brand that is designed in Lahti and made partly in our own shop.


MovieMall, recycles costume and props from film, photoshoots and events

Movie Mall can provide you with all your needs for a successful film or photo production. We are an experienced team who work with casting, styling, location and setdesign. We also have our own costume department where you can find almost 75 000 items.