Meet the mentors & co-creators




The Smart Retro Acceleration Program offers an overtaking line access to partnerships, mentors, users, communities and spaces.


The Smart Retro Programme is built for enabling startups and entrepreneurs to develop their products fast and efficiently by bringing together decision makers, expert mentors, key stakeholders, user communities and community leaders. For partner companies and local enterprises, it is an opportunity to learn from working with startups and to benefit by building partnerships with them.

Chosen startups receive a direct access to corporate and public sector decision makers, engaging community leaders and to insightful mentors. Smart Retro opens up a chance for building up partnerships and  for receiving valuable feedback from communities, end-users and potential partners.

See below who you get to work with.


“I valued the time and place to concentrate in sparring our company and our service
with so many insightful experts.”
– a Peloton Innovation Camp team member 2013



Meet the mentors & co-creators


Ken Dooley, GranlundKen Dooley, sustainability group manager, Granlund

Ken Dooley is the manager of the sustainability team at Granlund ltd. which focuses on environmental building certification (such as LEED and BREEAM), carbon footprinting, energy innovations and low carbon design for the built environment. Ken has over 12 years experience in built environment consulting and has worked in Helsinki, London, Dublin and Sydney. Recently Ken has been involved in Derby Business Park Espoo project, a new office complex with a very high level of energy efficiency and renewable energy with LEED Platinum certificate. In addition, Ken has recently been involved in innovative research projects that explore smart building concepts such as demand management and the link between energy consumption and occupancy levels.

Ken’s passion is business case for transformational innovations in the field of corporate environmental sustainability, which he also researches at Aalto University. The key concept of the research is that environmental strategies can unlock creative solutions to traditional operational issues by framing them as resource efficiency problems. A systems-oriented approach utilises resource efficient strategies that ignore business as usual and propose long-term, integrated and collaborative solutions that minimise energy, fuel, waste, water and raw materials. Ken is looking forward to building the business case in this area with Smart Retro startups.

Bjørnar Johnsen Infill Aspelin Ramm 2Bjørnar Johnsen, architect, owner, Infill Aspelin Ramm

Bjørnar Johnsen is an architect working with city development. He founded the company Infill which specializes in urban transformation and densification projects.  



TuuliTuuli Kaskinen, CEO, partner, Demos Helsinki

Tuuli Kaskinen specialises in sustainable business strategies and inspirational routes to change. With over ten years’ experience tackling the most important issue of our time – climate change – with companies, NGOs and governments, she’s found systemic modelling and shared value thinking to be the key tools in the development of sustainable innovation.

She is skilled in building models for sustainable lifestyles and business models. She has served as a member in the minister-level Energy Conservation Committee, ERA 17 -committee for an energy-smart built environment.

Juha Kostiainen, YITJuha Kostiainen, senior vice president, Urban Development and Corporate Relations, YIT

Juha Kostiainen holds the position of SVP Urban Development and Corporate Relations at YIT Corporation. Before starting again in YIT in November 2012, Kostiainen worked four years in Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. There he held several executive positions related to energy efficiency in built environment, public leadership, communications and public affairs.

Previously, Kostiainen worked for YIT Corporation as SVP corporate communications and business development (2005-2008), as SVP corporate planning (2003-2005) and as SVP business development in construction service (2001-2003). Has also worked for the city of Tampere as a director, economic development (1997-2001) and a managing director of two different technology centers. He has versatile experience related to societal activities and public affairs.

Juha Kostiainen completed a doctoral thesis in Regional Studies at the University of Tampere. He has published several articles on regional economic development policy, competitiveness of city-regions and area development (housing etc.) also in refereed academic journals. Kostiainen holds a position of adjunct professor in the University of Tampere (strategic development of city-regions).

OutiOuti Kuittinen, head of co-creation, partner, Demos Helsinki

Outi Kuittinen specialises in co-creation and sustainable business. She has been mentoring at Peloton Club, a peer-incubator for energy smart startup companies. The aim of Peloton is to propel organisations and individuals towards the development of services, products and business strategies that support sustainable lifestyles. She has also helped tens of teams from University of Helsinki to shape their initial business ideas into working concepts. Outi especially loves help to build and deliver engaging pitches.

RoopeRoope Mokka, head of partnerships, partner, co-founder, Demos Helsinki

Roope Mokka is an expert on societal change and innovation. He specialises in helping organisations weather great changes in the world around them, and his work often involves cross-sector changes that influence the daily lives of individuals. Roope is one of the two co-founders of Demos Helsinki, and remains an active advocate for meaningful entrepreneurship.

At Demos Helsinki, he has successfully applied the doctrines of change mechanisms to produce systemic change in areas ranging from new urban management models and fighting climate change to creating a consumer market for the cleantech industry.

aleksiAleksi Neuvonen, head of Foresight, partner, co-founder, Demos Helsinki

Aleksi Neuvonen is a futures researcher and an expert on urban development and lifestyle changes, with a fifteen-year career in multi-disciplinary social research.

Aleksi founded Demos Helsinki together with Roope Mokka. He is a key promoter of urban development projects.


Niklas Svensson, GreenelizerNiklas Svensson, consultant, co-founder, Greenelizer

Niklas Svensson is currently working together with Stockholm Business Region Development in a project promoting sustainable upgrades and retrofits of industrial and commercial buildings in the southern parts of Stockholm, with a special focus on the Högdalen industrial Area. He is also coordinating the Cleantech Högdalen Business network and the involved companies who provide solutions to many of the issues regarding energy efficiency, ventilation, lighting, automation, construction and other important aspects of tomorrows efficient and sustainable industrial/commercial areas. When not in Högdalen, Niklas is working in his own company, Greenelizer Studios, with projects involving material development, adaptive architecture, off-grid energy systems, site specific development and social innovation.

Marko Laaksonen, K-Citymarket Paavola

Marko Laaksonen, owner, K-Citymarket Paavola 

Marko Laaksonen, as business owner, is running the business to create effectivity, customer satisfaction and company development. Before starting an independent career in grocery business, Matko worked as a Human Resources Director in a Finnish chemical industry company Suominen Corporation. “I’m very enthusiastic about getting in an innovative and future oriented program like Smart Retro. For example understanding the next step of daily goods online-shopping needs exactly this kind of approach.”

Tobias Lind, Stockholmshem

Tobias Lind, project manager, Stockholmshem

Tobias Lind has 10 years experience of developing suburban areas around Stockholm. He has been the project leader at Stockholmshem since September 2014.




IrenaLundbergIrena Lundberg, business development manager, Stockholm Business Region Development 

Irena Lundberg specialises in cleantech, renewable energy, green building and sustainable urban development, inward investment services in the field of cleantech and branding and place marketing.


Saara Vauramo, City of LahtiSaara Vauramo, development manager, City of Lahti, Finland

Saara Vauramo is a development manager at the Lahti Region Environmental Services. She leads a team of environmental experts working with city-level targets of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions and increasing the resource-use efficiency of the city. User-oriented and participatory processes are her major interests, which should be better and more thoroughly integrated into the development of cities.

Janne Viitamies, Lahti CityJanne Viitamies, manager, Lahti City Association 

Janne Viitamies is a seasoned developer and enthusiast of cities and urban life. He has worked as the manager of many urban development projects both in Mikkeli and in Lahti. At the moment he leads an association that promotes the development of Lahti City Centre. Through him the Smart Retro participants have an access to local businesses and the local community in Lahti. Janne has also served as a member of the Finnish Parliament.


Josefin WangelJosefin Wangel, researcher, project leader, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Josefin Wangel is a researcher and project leader at CESC. She holds a PhD in Planning and decision analysis and a MSc in Environmental Science. Her research focuses sustainable urban development from a procedural and conceptual point of view. Key sub-areas of research include futures studies, strategic sustainability assessment, planning for sustainable consumption and stakeholder analysis. In the Smart Retro project, Josefin is primarily involved as a leader for the part where local scenarios for Smart Retro futures are to be developed. She is also involved in developing methodologies and analytical frameworks for other parts of the project.

Timo Heikkilä, KeskoTimo Heikkilä, area directorKesko

Timo Heikkilä is a District Director of Kesko in South-Eastern Finland. Heikkilä has international experience from studying in the USA and France. Heikkilä has worked in Kesko since 1986. Heikkilä’s former positions include Development Director and Product Group Director. “Too often organizations and people struggle to make changes even when facing major changes and economic problems. One would think, that stakeholders would unite their strengths and move forwards instead of sticking to old mentality. It needs to be investigated, which things in the world are changing and engage people that way.”

Ulla-Maija Kemppi, CityconUlla-Maija Kemppi, commercial Director, Citycon Finland 

Ulla-Maija Kemppi works for Citycon Finland Oy as Commercial Director. She is responsible for leading the business operations of Citycon shopping centres Trio Lahti, IsoKristiina Lappeenranta and Arabia, Columbus and Myllypuro in Eastern Helsinki. She is eager to innovate and test new concepts related to retail combined to urban surroundings and new technologies. Ulla-Maija is looking forward to getting new Smart ideas and developing new possibilities to enhance sustainable growth in city centers.

Eili Vigestad Berge, City of Oslo FuturebuiltEili Vigestad Berge, project manager, City of Oslo Futurebuilt

Eili Vigestad Berge is a project leader of FutureBuilt Oslo. Eili is also managing the process of introducing the sustainability assessment system BREEAM Communities in Norway on behalf of Norwegian Green Building Council and the City of Oslo. Previously Eili has worked as an advisor and project coordinator for Nordic Innovation.