Outi Kuittinen, Head of Co-Creation

Outi Kuittinen is a political scientist specialising in co-creation, democracy and sustainable business. Outi has been part of taking Demos Helsinki from an organisation of a few employees to a prominent international change maker. Outi came to Demos Helsinki from London where she worked at Demos UK and at the Finnish Institute, researching social entrepreneurship, urban economy and privacy.

Outi leads the development of inspiring and productive co-creation processes. Her responsibilities have also included organisational culture and HR in the executive board of Demos Helsinki and she has served as vice chair of Demos. At the moment she is a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at the Harvard University and the New School.

Outi’s first project at Demos Helsinki was studying changing attitudes of Finns towards climate change issue and the ways in which these attitudes can be channelled into action. She continued putting these ideas into practice in Peloton, which propels organisations and individuals towards the development of services, products and business strategies that support sustainable lifestyles.

Outi’s strengths lie in the development of multistakeholder co-creation concepts, as well as the planning and carrying-out of long-term innovation and learning processes. She has entrepreneurship community and functions for the University of Helsinki, designed major Finnish Challenge competitions for several organisations, developed SPREAD iFuture citizens’ forums and led them in three different European countries and on the internet and taken Demos Helsinki's Koulu School peer-learning concept to USA and Nepal, to be used in humanitarian work and development co-operation.

Outi is an in-demand speaker, on subjects ranging from old age to democracy and crowdsourcing. She has taught sustainable city planning at Aalto University and is a member of Finland’s ministry-level climate communication steering group, as well as the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s Sustainably Aging Finland working group and Sitra’s New Democracy forum.

She has been British Council's Climate Ambassador, and a member in Sitra's New Democracy forum, in the Steering Committee for Climate Communications at the Ministry of the Environment of Finland and in the Working committee for Sustainably Ageing Finland at the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

In her free time Outi has taken part in launching of Dodo’s urban farming activities and sat on the NGO’s board.

Outi is one of the four authors of Kausiruokaa, a seasonal cookbook for lovers of good food and the climate.

  • outi.kuittinen@demoshelsinki.fi
  • +358 50 326 5582
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