Mikko Annala, Researcher & Experiment Specialist

Mikko Annala is a social psychologist and social scientist who specialises in behavioural change and spatial planning. Mikko is involved in projects related to future mobility, future building and producing publications.
Mikko has previously worked as the associate editor of the Finnish Journal of Urban Studies, and remains active as a board member. As a social psychologist, Mikko has worked with intercultural relations and youth exercise habits in various intervention research groups and carried out experimental emotive research. Like the social psychologist Kurt Lewin, Mikko believes that a good theory is usually the most useful tool in understanding human behaviour.
In addition to social psychology, Mikko has studied literature, journalism and urban studies. Mikko is a skilful writer with experience in producing and editing many types of text. His understanding of spatial planning and processes of behavioural change give depth to his work in projects related to the analysis and creation of services to satisfy the necessities and circumstances of the future.