Accelerator Programme



An ambitious accelerator to develop and prototype your idea


The Smart Retro Accelerator Programme brings together startups, cities and corporations to develop new innovations and business models. The part-time programme offers unique access to corporate and public partnerships, mentors, user communities and spaces in urban testbed areas.


What can we do for you?


For startups

Develop and test your idea with the right people and without friction. Join an ambitious accelerator program with experienced mentors, flexible urban testbeds and an enthusiastic ecosystem.


For cities

Become an enabler and partner in innovation by building effective collaboration with startups powerful enough to kickstart smart urban transformation. Co-operation that creates value.


For corporations

Get in touch, learn from and co-create with startups with a potential to transform your industry. Access to the solutions of tomorrow, today.


A two-phase programme to develop, test and improve


The Smart Retro Accelerator Programme consists of two phases: the Innovation Camp and the Testbed phase.

At the Innovation Camp, selected startups will develop their promising ideas into prototypes of real services together with the support of project partners, external experts and citizens. The camps are all about co-creation – working together to find mutual interests and matches between cities, big companies, startups and entrepreneurs.

After the Camp comes the Testbed phase phase, where ideas from the Camp are put to the test in real environments with real people. This phase is about rapid experimentation – learning together by doing and then improving.



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