Smartup statements: Remarket

Remarket is an exciting new online marketplace for quality second-hand clothing. We spoke to its co-founder Marta Jaakkola.


How does the service improve urban life?

It’s a sustainable way to shop fashion; shop for clothes. We give you the option of selling your clothing onwards. That promotes a cycle of re-use, without compromising style or quality.

Where do you see yourself and the company in 2 years?

We hope to become the leading online market place for contemporary second hand clothing in the Nordics. Maybe open up some physical stores too.

What does success look like for you and the company?

Success is a lot of users in different countries: both in terms of sellers and shoppers. We want to build a fashion world of its own around second-hand clothing – foster an international community of style lovers specifically for second hand. We’re also aiming for maximum impact: the bigger our user base, the larger the impact, too.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt in the Peloton Smart Retro Acceleration Programme? 

We’ve been able to talk about any and all concerns we’ve had and have meaningful discussions on those things – both within our team and outside it. That has felt really, really good. It’s a really great thing to have an experienced, neutral person involved, with whom you can talk about these issues – that makes them less negative than just discussing them with the team.

The best thing about the innovations camps for us has been the great advice and then seeing how you can work that into your business.


Smartups are companies that aim to renew urban life in radical, smart and sustainable ways. During our Peloton Smart Retro Innovation Camp in Bagarmossen Stockholm, we interviewed a group of bold and brave entrepreneurs. 

You can see Remarket’s plans for Smart Retro here. Make sure you sign up as a user on their site too.


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